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Try Our Revolutionary Lip-Plumping Product

Turn heads with luscious lips that radiate volume and shape by applying our clinically proven lip plumping serum. At Richibrown, we are a team of skincare experts who have developed a scientifically proven lip plumper for all your beauty needs.

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Our Proven Success

Backed by more than 60 years of experience, our experts take pride in their highly acclaimed product Natox™. Due to the success of Natox™, we were approached by many clients asking us to develop a lip-enhancing product. We have since developed the Richibrown lip plumper, meaning you can add volume to your lips without surgery or injections.

Long-Lasting Effects

Displaying impressive effects that last between four and six hours per application, our lip plumper is adored by many. You are sure to be astonished by our lip plumping product, which offers the following features:

Enhanced Natural Pigmentation - Fuller Lips - Natural Looking Outer Lip Line - Safe to Use Every Day.

Richibrown - Lip Plumper

Richibrown - Lip Plumper

A Needle Free Solution

An affordable and healthier alternative to fillers, our lip plumper enhances your features the natural way. Unlike many limp plumping treatments, our product is completely safe to use. Our lip plumper does not harm your body in any way; it simply pushes the lip out, and is much smoother than lip fillers or other treatments.

Available in one handy size, our lip plumper should be applied every four hours. Once you have used our treatment initially, you may apply it less frequently for the same impressive results. For added convenience, we deliver to customers worldwide.

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